Latest work and what’s next

My short story “Another Saturn Monday” is now available in the Simmer anthology, at Dreamspinner or Amazon.

This story is a sci-fi fantasy, but I am more at home in historical fiction, and that’s the genre I’m working in for my next novel. And I am working on a new novel. It’s just taking a while mostly because I’m also in the middle of writing my dissertation. But I also do care about getting the history right, and that requires a lot of research.

The new novel–untitled as of yet, because I’m awful at titles–is set in Los Angeles in 1925. Yes, there is bootlegging, and speakeasies, and I try to slip in some of the great twenties slang. Building up the world that the characters live in is really fun, but also a lot of work. For example, when the two main characters decide to go see a movie, first I had to look in the Los Angeles Times archives to determine what movies were showing in July 1925 and ideally at what theater, then see if any of the movies were available on youtube so I could watch it myself and accurately describe it. (They go to see The Lost World, by the way. Stop motion dinosaurs!) I recently decided that another character enjoys fishing and camping, and so I want to try and read some issues of a contemporary magazine, Outdoor Life, so I can have him talking about current products and activities. Often these details only take up a paragraph or two, or maybe even just a sentence, but it takes hours to research them. Inevitably, you still get things wrong, but I want to do my best to represent the place and time.

So yes, a new novel is coming, it just might not be arriving quickly. But I hope the wait is worth it!